Pre-Conference Workshops

Please find here abstracts of the Parallel Pre-Conference Workshops on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

All Workshops are scheduled from 14.00 to 17.00 hours.

Room Allocation of Pre-Conference Workshops

IN GERMAN: Regionale/Institutionelle Implementierung eines ACP-Programms (Jox, Kremers-Gerads, Marckmann)M210
IN GERMAN: Qualifizierte Gesprächsbegleitung (Nauck, in der Schmitten)M201
Research on ACP and EOLC - Workshop I: Meet the expert: Participants discuss their before submitted ACP research projects (for application or ongoing) in small groups (Davison, Deliens, Hickman, Silvester)A016
Research on ACP and EOLC - Workshop II: The challenge of conducting randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to study ACP effectiveness from 4 current RCTs. Trials presented by A van der Heide, M Tattersall, J Gilissen, and C Houben. (Clayton, Houben)A014
Implementing an ACP program – professional change management in large institutions or
regions (Briggs, Hammes, Johnson, Maycroft)
How to do ACP discussions – a practical approach to facilitator training (Detering, Neyland, Sinclair)A017
Following the plan – ethical and practical challenges of providing EOLC (based on participants’ case reports) (Corke, Krones, Saul)A022
Engaging consumers in the design of ACP services and resources (Manson, Muir, Sudore)A015
Discussing treatment options with a patient nearing the end of their life: A communications training program for junior medical staff (Philpot, Tan)A020



You can find the rooms A014-022 around the “Lichthof”. The rooms M210 & M201 are located in the “M-Trakt” at the second floor.